Dawn of the Celestialpod

Built for PC in Unity, Dawn of the Celestialpod is a 2D action game made during the fall and spring of 2017-2018.

Team Members:

Liam Craffey: Producer

Alana Slattery: Lead Artist

Matthew Sharp: Artist

Lena Wagner: Artist

Tyler Chermely: Lead Programmer

Alan Meehan: AI Programmer

Richard Conti: Lead Designer, Product Owner

Joshua Bernstein: Designer, Scrum Master

Genevieve Guimond: Narrative Designer

Kayla Sawyer: Sound Designer

Leonardo RoblesGonzalez: Musician

Swing around as a space squid battling a fleet of robot packed spaceships in in this sci-fantasy 2D action game. Use your tentacles to find the best ways to infiltrate each ship and overcome their advanced technology. Upgrade abilities in between rescue missions to better free your captured species, and make sure you get out before the whole place explodes!

Buy it on Steam and find my contributions to the project as Narrative Designer below.

Lore Collection For Dawn of the Celestialpod