Built for PC in Unity, Guilded is a management game made during the fall and spring of 2019-2020. Download it on Steam

On top of writing the scripts for the trailer and the tutorial, my role on the team as one of two Narrative Designers meant that I collaborated on not only redesigning the way quests were structured and delivered but also creating a wealth of new content for our procedurally generated game. Documents of note I worked on can be found below.

Team Members:

James Van Nuland: Lead Producer

Charlie Grabber: Producer

Grace Magnant: Lead Artist

Mari Messana: Character Artist

Ken Taylor: UI Artist

Jimmy Griffiths: Lead Programmer

RJ Bourdelais: Tools Programmer

Austin Laimos: Programmer

Zach Phillips: Lead Designer

Max Johnson: Audio Designer

Joe Siehl: Systems/Technical Designer

Genevieve Guimond: Narrative Designer

Jeffrey Friedman: Narrative Designer